Massage Therapy in Denver

We are very fortunate to have a few of the Absolute Best massage therapists providing their services at Easy Float. These guys are amazing people and very impressive therapists.
We do not actually coordinate scheduling through the float center, but we highly encourage you to reach out to them directly to make your reservations. Also, important to note that our massage therapists are Denver based.

Massage Types and Pricing

$85 / 60-min

$142 / 90-min

  • Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief

  • Swedish Massage for Relaxation

  • Sports Massage for Enhanced Performance

*Active Easy Float Members GET $15 OFF your first appointment!

Rates Include Gratuity…Seriously No Tipping Please, these Therapist are only
interested in getting you to feel healthy and well all of the time.

Enhance Your Wellness Routine