Easy Float Was Created With One Goal in Mind, to Provide the Absolute Best Float Tank Experience for Everyone.


It is very important to us that float tanks are available to anyone looking to reduce stress and find a more balanced lifestyle, whether you’re in Denver or Bend, we here to help you take it easy. Float tanks provide an incredible way for people to reduce stress, improve sleep, and speed up recovery times between workouts.

Our Denver float tanks are an open cabin hybrid, still sensory deprivation, but just a way more approachable way for folks to experience the incredible benefits of floating.

The float tanks in Bend, Oregon come from Dream Pod, definitely some of the best float tanks available and still very approachable and spacious. Regardless of the float tank design, the ingredients are the same, Epsom salt, darkness, and a sensory reduces environment perfect for drifting away.

Flotation has made a massive resurgence in recent years and we were excited to find out that Easy Float is actually returning
flotation to Old South Pearl decades after a sensory deprivation center existed back in the 1970’s. Formerly referred to
as sensory deprivation, floating is an amazing way to experience nothing at all. Spending time in a float tank allows your mind and body to reset and recharge.

We have everything you need to relax and ride the theta wave. A lot of folks have heard of sensory deprivation, but we like to refer to float as sensory reduction. It’s kind of like a little vacation without having too go too far.

If you have any questions about floating that you cannot find answers for in our FAQ’s, please do not hesitate to reach out, we love to talk about floating, the benefits of flotation, Epsom salt, people who float, and…pretty much anything float related. Easy Float is for everyone; we make flotation
approachable and accessible to anyone interested in checking it out.

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