What is floating?

Floating combines 10 inches of water saturated with nearly 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, heated to the body’s temperature in a tank or pod or float room or pool to create an environment where the user can basically experience nothing at all.

The modality has been around for a long time and is often referred to as isolation tanks, sensory deprivation, flotation therapy, R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy),  hippie bullshit, and many other things too. But thanks to the pioneering spirit of those in the float industry and the general public’s eagerness to improve and embrace mindfulness, sensory deprivation is making a tremendous resurgence back to the mainstream. It also doesn’t hurt that pro athletes like Steph Curry, Tom Brady, JJ Watt, and the Chicago Cubs  are all getting into the tanks. By reducing all external stimuli, the mind and body are allowed to rest, recover, and re-energize in a genuinely meditative state. The theta brainwave.

Flotation is a zero gravity environment provided by the buoyancy created by the super saturated salty water. Floating on the water is completely effortless, kinda like resting on a cloud. There are many benefits like stress reduction, pain relieve, faster healing and recovery times, improved relaxation, and you’ll enjoy significantly improved sleep. The more you float, the more the benefits of floating will ensue.

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Take it Easy Denver

Our Denver location provides custom float rooms to make it super easy to get in and out, and provide enough room to stand all the way up inside, very roomy without losing the important rest attributes of floating.

In Denver, base session length is 90-minutes. The 90-minute session ensures incredible benefits that last. It can take little bit to turn off and unwind before the effects of floating begin to take place. You by no means have to stay in the tank for the full 90 minutes though.

Denver Pricing and Membership

Float tank opening
Our open tanks in Denver are some of the most approachable float tanks on the market.
Each float tank is actually a open cabin pool hybrid where the user can stand all the way up.

Take it Easy Bend, Ore.

Our Bend location provides floaters with the Dream Pod. Dream Pods provide a very comfortable and inviting experience. Base session in Bend is 75 minutes and the Monthly Membership is shareable.

Bend Pricing and Membership

Dream Pods, Easy Float Bend