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Float Therapy Benefits

The benefits of float therapy in an isolation tank are both mental and physical. Floating will affect your life outside of the tank as well. Whether the float tank provides you with stress reduction, improved sleep, or a faster recovery time between workouts (or all of the above), the only way to know is to schedule a float session and give it a try.


Pain Management

Increased Circulation

Enhanced Physical Recovery


Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Boost Creativity and Focus

Ease Depression and PTSD


Improved Sleep

Increase Energy Levels

Reduce Stress

Float Therapy Benefits

We strongly suggest implementing a monthly float plan to maintain the many benefits of floating.

How do I get started? The process of actually floating.2022-12-22T19:32:27+00:00
  • If you choose to wear ear plugs, and we recommend you do and we provide them, then put the ear plugs in before you shower.
  • Take a great shower, but not a hot shower, you’re going into a float tank solution at about 95 degrees. Make sure to dry your face before getting in the tank!
  • Enter the tank and gently lie back, avoid touching your face when your hands are wet; you will float effortlessly.
  • The rest is really up to you.
How do I get ready to float?2022-12-29T18:06:05+00:00
  • Avoid shaving, tanning, waxing; extra sensitive skin and salt water don’t mix. We provide Vaseline to protect small scratches from stinging.
  • Try to skip caffeine for at least 4 hours before floating in order to access the most relaxing experience, but if you need that one small cup of joe in the morning, it will not totally unhinge the experience.
  • Don’t float on an empty stomach. A light meal or snack is helpful so that you aren’t distracted by your stomach grumbling while floating. Allow a little time to digest before floating.
  • If you are under the influence of drug or alcohol you will NOT be allowed to float.
  • HAIR DYES: Please be sure your hair is running clear in the shower at home and not leaving any color residue on your towels. If your hair is radical, like RED, Purple, Blue…then you must wait to float until your hair is running clear; otherwise, you are subject to a $500 cleaning fee if the float tank is left unusable by the next guest in standard operations.
  • If you are experiencing your menstrual cycle the day of your float, then we ask that please reschedule your float. Thank you!
Should I Bring Anything and What Do I Wear in the Float Tank?2022-12-22T19:20:36+00:00
  • Birthday suit will provide the best experience in a float tank, all of the float rooms at Easy Float feature a private shower and changing area, but you are absolutely welcome bring a swimsuit if you prefer.
  • We also recommend bringing any hair products, deodorant, or anything else that you like to have after a shower. We provide Qtips, lotion, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, and hair dryers.
Improve Balance2022-12-22T16:43:24+00:00

Many nonfigurative mental issues, such as depression or PTSD, are often treated with meds that essentially shift the brain’s chemistry, but the use of flotation has also provided results for alleviating these conditions by naturally employing brain chemistry.

Reduce Stress2022-12-22T16:42:53+00:00

In our current culture we are often overwhelmed by constant stimuli. Simply by putting down the phone and taking a break, you are able to unplug to recharge. Flotation provides a calming and peaceful state of mind that can free you from stress and phone-addiction.

Float Tanks Contain Epsom Salt (a lot of Epsom Salt)2022-12-22T16:42:18+00:00

After your float your skin feels smooth and replenished thanks to the magnesium sulfate or Epsom Salt.

Fatigue Reduction in Float2022-12-22T16:41:49+00:00

During your float your brain will begin to create theta waves and suspend alpha waves. We experience theta state every night before falling completely asleep, but only briefly. While floating, theta waves exist in the brain for an extended time providing you with the best rest you’ll ever experience.

Pain Management & Float Tanks2022-12-22T16:41:19+00:00

By totally reducing the feeling of gravity on muscles, internal organs, and the musculoskeletal system, your body can be relieved of chronic pain by simply being suspended in weightlessness. You will often hear the sound of your joints and muscles relaxing.

Faster Recovery Times for Athletes2022-12-22T16:40:17+00:00

This particular benefit could also be listed in the mental benefit section too. Many high performance athletes are utilizing floating to recover between work outs and games to allow their bodies to rest and effectively recover.

Increased Blood Circulation While Floating2022-12-22T16:34:14+00:00

When the body is floating you are relieved of gravity in the weightless environment of a float tank, then blood flow is increased and can more easily facilitate the recovery of strained muscle tissue and effectively relieve chronic pain.

After the float2022-12-22T19:26:14+00:00
  • Enjoy a cup of tea, relax, reflect, enjoy.
  • Drink plenty of water, floating is a full body experience.
  • Notice how well you sleep the next few nights and how your energy level and mood is, floating is good for you even when you’re out of the tank.
Improved Sleep2022-12-22T17:21:55+00:00

Just like in fatigue reduction, those wonderful theta waves are more apt to return and last as you fall asleep at night after floating, and the next night after that. Check out the neuroscience coming from the Float Laboratory at LIBR.

Real-Life Results

What Our Guests Have to Say

What Our Guests Have to Say

“Wow! I have wanted to try this for a long time. I was initially worried about cleanliness & claustrophobia, but as soon as I arrived I was no longer concerned. It was a very clean and inviting space.”

Laurie Jewell

“This place is incredible! The float session elevated my consciousness. It’s difficult to describe. You have to experience it yourself.”

David Lutz

“Clean rooms, nice staff, upgraded tanks. Bryan, the owner is a great guy and they are always asking how they can make things better. I always feel great after I leave. I will continue to be a regular customer!”

Jason Barber

“This was an amazing experience.. The guy was very friendly made us feel comfortable. It had a nice relaxed vibe. the float was 90 mins. After you got to relax and strech in another room with a tranquil setting. My skin looked and felt amazing after! I’ll definitely be going to experience this again soon.”

Kelly Wilson

“amazing place!!! the owner is so incredibly kind. I was nervous when I first went because I had never done this before. and he made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend this place it is a very relaxing experience.”

Samantha Bludsworth

“Easy Float is a superb facility. The staff & owners are friendly and knowledgeable and the building & tanks are inviting and clean. I often buy floats as gifts for friends and family, not only because the experience of floating is one I believe all should try at least once, but also because of all the above!”

Jesse Abraham

“Floating was one of the best experience I’ve had in alwhile. Setting aside 75 minutes of alone, silent and meditative time was one of the healthiest things I’ve done in awhile. Thanks for the experience, I’ll be back.”

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