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What is float therapy?

Float therapy has been providing incredible benefits for a long time, but has returned to the mainstream only recently. Floating, formerly referred to as sensory deprivation, is a space to unplug and recharge. By reducing distraction, the person floating has an opportunity to drop into a meditative state in the theta wave.

Float therapy combines around 900 to 1,000 pounds of pure Epsom Salt in only 10 inches of water in a light, sound, temperature controlled environment called a float tank. The user floats effortlessly, near weightless.

Why would anyone float? Check out the benefits here, but also check out a float tank for yourself in Bend or Denver to truly experience floating.

You are in total control of the float experience the entire time. Floating can be a great way to relax and reduce stress or a way to improve recovery times between work outs. The physical benefits of floating in super saturated Epsom Salt water facilitate tremendous muscle and joint recovery.

We highly recommend giving floating a try, but most importantly, give floating a couple of tries. It is totally understandable that float tanks are not going to be for everyone, but it float is something worth trying a couple of times before deciding if it’s for you.

Maybe you’d rather send a loved one in for a float just to test the waters? Easy Float gift cards are a great way to tell someone you care about to slow down and take it easy!

Easy Float Gift Cards
Easy Float Gift Cards