The benefits of float therapy in an  isolation tank or float tank are both physical and mental and effects of floating often carry outside of the float tank as well. Whether the float tank provides you stress reduction, improved sleep, or a faster recovery time between workouts (or all of the above), the only way to know is to get in for a float session.

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Physical Benefits of Floating

Increased Blood Circulation While Floating

  • When the body is floating you are relieved of gravity in the weightless environment of a float tank, then blood flow is increased and can more easily facilitate the recovery of strained muscle tissue and effectively relieve chronic pain.

Faster Recovery Times for Athletes

  • This particular benefit could also be listed in the mental benefit section too. Many high performance athletes are utilizing floating to recover between work outs and games to allow their bodies to rest and effectively recover.

Pain Management & Float Tanks

  • By totally reducing the feeling of gravity on muscles, internal organs, and the musculoskeletal system, your body can be relieved of chronic pain by simply being suspended in weightlessness. You will often hear the sound of your joints and muscles relaxing.

Fatigue Reduction in Float

  • During your float your brain will begin to create theta waves and suspend alpha waves. We experience theta state every night before falling completely asleep, but only briefly. While floating, theta waves exist in the brain for an extended time providing you with the best rest you’ll ever experience.

Float Tanks Contain Epsom Salt (a lot of Epsom Salt)

  • After your float your skin feels smooth and replenished thanks to the magnesium sulfate or Epsom Salt.

Mental Benefits

Reduce Stress

  • In our current culture we are often overwhelmed by constant stimuli. Simply by putting down the phone and taking a break, you are able to unplug to recharge. Flotation provides a calming and peaceful state of mind that can free you from stress and phone-addiction. 

Improve Balance 

  • Many nonfigurative mental issues, such as depression or PTSD, are often treated with meds that essentially shift the brain’s chemistry, but the use of flotation has also provided results for alleviating these conditions by naturally employing brain chemistry.

Improved Sleep

  • Just like in fatigue reduction, those wonderful theta waves are more apt to return and last as you fall asleep at night after floating, and the next night after that. Check out the neuroscience coming from the Float Laboratory at LIBR.