I found the following questions online when googling about the benefits of floating, and thought it couldn’t hurt to provide the Easy Float answers to these questions here. And if you’re looking for our answer to the benefits thing, click here to check out the Easy Float bennies page.

See answer to the isolation tank question above.

How About All That Floating?

Easy Float is Dedicated to Delivering the Absolute Best Float Experience, and it has been going great. We have had the pleasure of floating a bunch of very cool people in our first couple months and we are excited to continue providing flotation in Denver. We often have described the purpose driving the creation of Easy Float is to provide the Absolute Best Float Experience, and it is, but let’s talk about why we want to provide the float experience in the first place. Stress.

We fully acknowledge that stress is a necessary and unavoidable part of life, but we also realize that too much stress makes life miserable. Floating has many benefits and a lot of folks are utilizing flotation for a variety of different reasons, but we are excited to provide floating as a way to reduce stress. By going into a float tank for 90 minutes to have all the distractions of life reduced, we are able to take the adult time out, to get off of your phone, and hopefully slip into the Theta Brain Wave for at least a short amount of time. When you get there, it’s a great time out and floating into the theta state will hopefully get you a couple days of calm so that you can take on the stress of life. Basically, the benefits of floating are great, whether you’re into the physical benefits of being weightless and surrounded by Magnesium Sulfate for 90 minutes or you’re floating for the chance to take a look behind the door in you mind, we are here for you to take the adult time out that everyone deserves. Thanks for Floating.