A lot of folks come into Easy Float to ask just what the hell is floating, and there are definitely a few ways to answer that. I prefer to go off on several tangents about hyper-connectivity in the brain because I read the book Stealing Fire and the Time article below and caught Dr. Justin Feinstein’s talk at last year’s float conference and I only recently learned how to pronounce the word amygdala; but I always end with it’s just salt water and darkness. Obviously there’s a lot of super positive meditative type stuff going on while in a float, but really it’s just salt water and darkness, and the less you try, the further it will take you. Joe Rogan has been utilizing the float tank for more than a decade(I think), and has encouraged many people to give this float thing a try. Rogan is a float tank industry favorite and here’s why. Hey Joe, you should think about making it to the conference in August.