While research may be thin on floatation therapy, personal testimonials indicate how they have benefited people to deal with a range of physical and mental issues.

Very Cool Article that Identifies a Number of Different Great Reasons to Float

The author, Mike Bundrant ,co-founder at The iNLP Center, “Float therapy candidates should know: Multiple sessions are usually required to gain a benefit. With commitment, mental health professionals and patients may find that regular floatation sessions can open up new roads to recovery for the following conditions: Eating disorders…insomnia…anxiety…ADHD..”‘

Easy Float Denver Tanks/Cabins are Roomy While Still Reducing Distraction for A Great Float Experience

There Are SO Many Great Reasons to Give a Float Tank A Try

It really all depends on who you’re talking to when you’re talking about floating. Some of the cross fitters tell us it is awesome for muscle recovery, the teachers are all looking for an adult time out (parents too), some folks are hoping to see colors, some people are into it because Tim Ferris says it’s cool or Joe Rogan said you have to try it or Tony Robbins does it, and they’re all good reasons, but a lot of people are floating for one reason, stress.

There has been a couple common themes we’ve seen at Easy Float over the past 6 months or so, everyone reports that all floats are different, that’s consistent, and pretty much everyone has told us they are stressed. And some stress is good stress, can’t stress that enough, but the generalized anxiety type of stress that causes you to wake up every night at the same time like clockwork is not good stress. We get meet a lot of very cool people at Easy Float and we like to ask why did you decide to try floating? and there is pretty big percentage of people that will tell us that they heard it was good for stress and they are desperate to get some sleep.

We know float tanks sound crazy, and we’re not offended by the term sensory deprivation tank and  Altered States the movie. The reason we’re going deeper into flotation is because less generalized stress in a population is a good thing, you don’t have to be stressed to be working and when you’re not stresses you become better at whatever you’re working on. Give floating a try for whatever your reason is, and we hope you love it, but if you don’t that’s ok too.